Welcome. You are most likely here because of a referral from a friend or because we met at a class I was teaching. If this is true you already have an idea that I may be able to help you or teach you something more about your wellness. For this, please know, I am deeply honored. This is my dharma. I nourish people. Sometimes it’s their bellies, sometimes it’s their minds, and sometimes it’s their spirits. But the best is when I can nourish all three.
From ancient practices to today’s cutting-edge technology, I utilize many different modalities with my holistic and integrative therapies for total health. When we work together I will be addressing all aspects of your being. You are unique and designing a plan and recommendations for your greater health and happiness are most definitely NOT one size fits all. I look forward to working with you to achieve all you desire and more. 
Nicole Skaggs


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  • What to Do When Someone Hurts You: How to Overcome Hurt May 18, 2023
    In our journey through life, we are bound to encounter an array of experiences that challenge us, sharpen our character, and forge our resilience. Among these experiences, the pain inflicted upon us by others—whether intentionally or inadvertently—can leave indelible marks on our psyche. It is a testament to the complexity of human relationships and the […]
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  • How to Be Yourself May 16, 2023
    In a world where we are constantly bombarded with external influences, expectations, and societal norms, finding and maintaining our authentic selves can feel like an elusive pursuit. The pressure to conform can be overwhelming, leading many of us to suppress our true desires, values, and beliefs in favor of fitting in. Read more »
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