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From ancient practices to today’s cutting-edge technology, we utilize several different modalities with our integrative therapies for total health. Are you the person who wants to simply take the pill and merely treat the symptoms of your current dis-ease? Or… are you the person willing to take responsibility for your own wellness and discover the root causes of your imbalance? And then… most importantly, are you willing to take action and do something about it?If it’s the latter, welcome to the rest of your life.
Nicole Skaggs, Founder


Having a “Life Plan” brings you focus, determination, and hope. Working towards the goals in your Life Plan – even a little bit each day – brings you joy as you see the life you dream about becoming your reality. Use this worksheet to help you draw up a plan for the life you truly desire.


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  • Should You Suppress Your Emotions? Do They Grow on You? January 20, 2022
    By Dr JV HebbarThe concept of suppressing an emotion makes that emotion stronger is wrong as per Ayurveda. We should suppress our emotions. But there are exceptions. Emotions that should be suppressed As per Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana, 7th Chapter, Verse 27, लोभशोकभयक्रोधमानवेगान् विधारयेत्| नैर्लज्ज्येर्ष्यातिरागाणामभिध्यायाश्च बुद्धिमान्||२७|| lobhaśokabhayakrodhamānavegān vidhārayet| nairlajjyerṣyātirāgāṇāmabhidhyāyāśca buddhimān||27||It means, A wise person should suppress […]
    Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)
  • Mahameda Uses, Medicinal Qualities, Remedies, Research January 11, 2022
    By Dr Renita D’SouzaMahameda (Polygonatum cirrhifolium (Wall.) Royle) is an Ayurvedic herb which is mentioned as one among the Ashtavarga herbs, an Ayurvedic formulation with 8 strength promoting herbs. Traditionally, the rhizomes of this plant are used to increase the physical strength, nourish the body tissues, acts as aphrodisiac, rejuvenative and galactagogue. Botanical Name – […]
    Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)
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  • 17 Grounding Techniques to Improve Your Mental Health January 20, 2022
    The grounding techniques that help relax you when feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious can be transformative and healing. You can do countless activities that ground you using the world around you. From deep breathing to gardening, we’ll be sharing some of the most effective techniques for grounding yourself. Read more »
    Rachel Sharpe
  • 15 Ways to Achieve Personal Growth in 2022 January 18, 2022
    Make 2022 the year you achieve personal growth. These past few years have been trying, but they haven’t gotten you down. Hardships, challenges, and education all help strengthen you to create the new you for the new year. If you’re looking to create a version of yourself that’s better than all the rest, then it’s […]
    Rachel Sharpe