Welcome. You are most likely here because of a referral from a friend or because we met at a class I was teaching. If this is true you already have an idea that I may be able to help you or teach you something more about your wellness. For this, please know, I am deeply honored. This is my dharma. I nourish people. Sometimes it’s their bellies, sometimes it’s their minds, and sometimes it’s their spirits. But the best is when I can nourish all three.
From ancient practices to today’s cutting-edge technology, I utilize many different modalities with my holistic and integrative therapies for total health. When we work together I will be addressing all aspects of your being. You are unique and designing a plan and recommendations for your greater health and happiness are most definitely NOT one size fits all. I look forward to working with you to achieve all you desire and more. 
Nicole Skaggs


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