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Nicole is Founder of Enlightened Tribe, Inc but is also a Certified Chopra Center Educator (PSM), Certified Ayurveda Specialist & RYT-200. She focuses on helping people discover the root cause of their “dis-ease” and then introduces them to ancient and cutting-edge modern technologies to begin their healing journey.



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  • Focused meditation: What Is It, Benefits, and Tips November 22, 2022
    In a meditation practice, having a focal point can help you stay present. After all, sitting quietly and focusing on the present can sometimes lead to a wandering mind, especially when there’s no a focal point. That’s why experienced and novice meditators often focus on something during their practice. Read more »
    Rachel Sharpe
  • How Does Shallow Breathing Affect Our Entire Bodies? October 25, 2022
    We breathe constantly throughout our days with minimal attention. However, there’s a big difference between shallow breathing and deep breathing that can help you during times of distress. Often, in moments of anxiety, we breathe from our chest. Chest breathing is typically shallow breathing. However, when our bodies are tense with anxiety, we often take […]
    Amber Murphy