Primordial Sound Meditation, is the signature style of meditation developed by The Chopra Center. This mantra based practice allows you to access your infinitely loving and joyful spirit and return to the memory of wholeness. Over the course of four (4) one on one meetings with Nicole you will learn the basics of PSM and your personal and unique mantra as calculated by the Chopra Center’s Jyotish Astrologer. After receiving your unique Primordial Sound in an ancient and sacred ceremony you will learn how to deep-dive into the quantum field and bring infinite potential into your daily life. With this technology you can create whatever life you desire. Nicole, will support and guide you each step of the way, and help you move through any questions or obstacles that may come up. You’ll receive a profound immersive experience to help you fall in love with meditation, as well as the practical take-home tools to make it a joyous daily practice that continues to transform your life each day. $799
Hi! I’m Alex!
I became interested in naturally healing myself first after doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong with my childhood body and then more so after I successfully completed a 4-year contract in the Marine Corps. I started studying and learning. I became a bio-hacker to take it to the next level about 7 years ago.
Then, when I had reached a good place in me, I determined it was time to start helping others. So, I got certified in Health and Life Coaching. Through my training and learning, I acquired specific protocols that can help, and even reverse, heart disease, diabetes, and even help with weight loss and stress management. I’ve seen a client with fibromyalgia greatly reduce the pain of the disease by learning to breathe correctly and declutter her life and in the end lose 64 pounds and call me to exclaim, “I just ran up the stairs for the first time in I don’t know how long, because I wanted to! And I can!” I’ve seen a 20-something client totally down on herself and her wrong choice-making leave an abusive relationship and learn to trust herself again. One thing my clients know going into a program with me is this: YOU are perfect, whole, and complete. And until you are ready to hold that knowledge, I will guard it for you.
Let’s talk.
Alex Rutland, CHC CLC, Bio-Hacker


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