Are you a team leader looking for a way to motivate your employees or sales force? Sales quotas and competitions not quite having the same effect they did years ago?Sometimes learning what you cannot see clears the way for what you want to see. Chopra Center Certified Instructor Nicole Skaggs leads this lively and highly experiential talk to uncover the internal blocks and programming that may be holding your team back. Light a little fire under the troops. This is the talk to book for your next lunch or sales meeting. Approximately 60 minutes long.


Over a series of six (6) sessions, Chopra Center Certified Instructor, Nicole Skaggs will work with your employees in a group setting to:

  • Identify the sources of stress in their lives.
  • Teach effective techniques for stress management to include mantra meditation and restorative yoga (for all levels). They will also learn how to manage their busy daily schedule to promote optimal productivity while allowing adequate time for self care.
  • Identify dysfunctional thought patterns that fuel negative and unhealthy behaviors. 4. Explore techniques that will to allow them to “unplug” in order to “re-charge”.
  • Explore techniques that will to allow them to “unplug” in order to “re-charge”.
  • Gain improved and sustainable productivity and energy, learning proven techniques for renewing their energy.
  • How to include self-care into their routine by re-prioritizing their goals and learning how to enjoy life while succeeding more.

benfits of meditation and chakras