During this unique, one of it’s kind weekend program, campers are fully immersed in self inquiry. They quickly come to understand that the “Warrior’s Path” is that of the Karma Yogi. The path of Karma Yoga is the path of Service and Action.
Through the course the students will study of Ayurveda & Advaita Vedanta Philosophy. They will be participating in powerful processes designed to help them stand in their power and never question themselves or their abilities again. They  will see the divinity in themselves and others. And finally, they will tap into their natural and untapped potential that once unleashed will allow them to achieve any goal.
The Awakened Warrior Camp is an all inclusive three (3) day immersion. Tuition includes food, accommodations, all activity fees and workbooks.
The Awakened Warrior also includes yoga, guided meditation.
The Awakened Warrior camp can be challenging physically, and the students will be outside a good portion of the time.



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